In their own words, see what our patients have to say about their experiences before, during, and after treatment using Calmare Therapy at Calm Air Pain Therapy.

"I have been suffering with CRPS 2 for 5 plus years. During this time I have tried any and all procedures that were available to me, and continued to deal with extreme pain daily. I was taking a lot of pain meds that didn't do much, especially for flare ups and hypersensitivity. I decided to try Calmare pain therapy, and after the first session,  which is non-invasive and painless, I knew I had made the right decision. I had relief from the pain for the first time in over 5 years.


I went into Calmare with a pain level of 10+, and after completing my initial 10 sessions, I am at a 2, with reduction to my hypersensitivity. The nurse/technician at Calm Air Pain Therapy,LLC, Lisa, was a blessing. She is very educated in how Calmare works, and extremely knowledgeable in CRPS. Lisa has a bed side manner that can't be beat. She is compassionate about her work, and has great empathy for her patients condition. My only regret is not getting this treatment sooner."

Mr. B.Y

West Virginia

"Calmare Therapy was a true lifesaver for my daughter, putting her CRPS into remission.  We had tried traditional methods of treatment like: medications which changed her personality and painful physical and aqua therapy, that only aggravated her CRPS.  Finding Calm Air Pain Therapy was life changing for my daughter. John and Lisa are a blessing and wonderful to work with. I only wish we had heard of Calmare Therapy when we first got the CRPS diagnosis. My girl would have been cured sooner."

Anne Marie, mother of Bridget


“I had no hope left. I was in constant pain, and feeling sick inside from pain meds that had little to no effect.  This Calmare Therapy machine is amazing. I was getting relief after just 5 to 6 treatments. Ang CRPS/RSD sufferers, you owe yourself this treatment. This disease is a monster, but you can fight it and win with this therapy.”

Bill S., Richmond


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